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Mexican Cafe

Mexican Cafe | Amorelia Mexican Cafe - Costa Mesa, CA

Some people love the taste of the spices and dishes that come from Mexico, and for those people, Amorelia Mexican Cafe offers you a taste of Michoacan...

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Authentic Mexican Food

Authentic Mexican Food | Amorelia Mexican Cafe - Costa Mesa, CA

If you have ever tried pozole or have tasted the delicacies of tacos dorados, you have tasted authentic Mexican food. If you haven’t, then it is high...

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Home Made Mexican Cuisine

Home Made Mexican Cuisine | Amorelia Mexican Cafe - Costa Mesa, CA,CA

You may have visited a restaurant recently that offered you food that looked like it was bought at a supermarket. You might have tried some cake at a...

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Welcome To Amorelia Mexican Cafe

Is authentic Mexican food a favorite of yours? Do you enjoy having special dinners and events by Mexican caterers? Does a night out at a chic spot in Costa Mesa, CA sound like a great plan? You are sure to love Amorelia Mexican Cafe if you can say yes to these questions.

The original Mexican food that is found at Amorelia Mexican Cafe is “a little taste of Michoacan,” but right here in your own town. With the owners offering an amazing array of home style cooking and an artistic décor, Amorelia Mexican Cafe is the perfect spot for you to take your next date, your family, or even just to get a bite to eat after a long day.

Whether you want gourmet Mexican cuisine catered at your wedding or you simply want to taste some a little bit of Michoacan on a regular day, a visit to Amorelia Mexican Cafe won’t be a disappointing one.

Amorelia Mexican Cafe brings all the delicious flavors that you know and love from Mexico, and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Morelia, Mexico, you’ll know that our food is as original and authentic as it is there.

Plan your next big event with us, or if you just want to take your lunch break at a beautifully decorated restaurant with delicious food, you’re welcome to do that as well. We are more than happy to have you. Call now!

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